Serving Children from Norwalk and Stamford

Started in 1964, our Summer Program is the flagship for what has become a national movement.

Summer (K-8)

The anchor of the Horizons’ program is an intensive Six-Week Summer Program, which provides over 260 children in kindergarten through 8th grade a chance to have new experiences, meet new friends, take part in academic, art, and music classes, eat nourishing breakfasts and lunches, learn to swim (and swim daily)  -- all while becoming part of a diverse community of caring teachers and staff. Each one of our summer students receives over 200 hours of academic enrichment/classroom time and benefits from the 4-to-1 student/teacher ratio, including the support of reading specialists and social workers.

Summer learning loss contributes to the achievement gap putting low income students as much as three years behind by the fifth grade. In contrast, Horizons students gain reading skills during the six week summer program. Swimming is a life-saving skill that many low-income children fail to acquire and learning to swim is also a hallmark of our Summer Program. Most students come to us not knowing how to swim and fearful of the water. Overcoming this fear and learning to trust and take risks ultimately builds self-esteem that spills over into the classroom. Our student-teacher ratio is 3.7 to 1. Horizons students are in classes of 12 with a Head Teacher and Teaching Assistant. During the academic portion of the day, the students are often divided in “half groups” to create differentiated learning sections and maximize teacher attention per child. The students receive instruction from not only their head classroom teachers, but also by many enrichment teachers, art instructors, swim instructors, a literacy specialist and a social worker.