Serving Children from Norwalk and Stamford

Direct Impact...
100% of any donation goes to the children/programming! 

We need your support

Connecticut has the widest gap in the nation between the academic performance of students from low-income families and their more affluent peers. The ultimate and most distressing consequence of this achievement gap is that only 60% of the nation’s low-income youth will graduate from high school. And only one in three will go to college.

Our Horizons students are beating the averages. 100% graduate from high school and 95% attend college or post-secondary education. These young men and women are breaking the cycle of poverty. They are becoming productive members of their communities. They make us proud every day.

Horizons relies on the generous support of funders who believe in leveling the playing field for low-income students. Gifts to Horizons directly support our year round K-12 programs. (All operating costs of our program are covered by our Board of Directors and Governors.)

Here are just a few of the ways you can make a difference:
$500 Sends our K-1 students to a Summer Theatre of New Canaan production      
$1,000 Purchases art supplies for the K-8 Summer Program      
$1,600 Provides weekly tutoring to one struggling student      
$1,500 Buys wood shop supplies for our 6-week Summer Program      
$1,900 Supports one student in the High School Program      
$3,200 Funds the Horizons Tennis Academy for one year      
$3,600 Supports a K-8 student through the Summer Program      
$3,600 Provides annual instrument rentals for the Music Academy      
$9,000 Takes high school students on 5 regional college tours      
 Feeds breakfast and lunch to almost 300 students during the summer       

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